Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Choosing the Best Driving School For You

There are 5 types of driving schools. You can know which school you are talking to by the emphasis in their sales pitch.

Sales Pitch

There are 5 types of driving schools. You can know which school you are talking to by the emphasis in their sales pitch. Sales Pitch

1. Earn a certificate

"Come to our driving school and get your "G2" in 8 months instead of a year. You may be eligable for an insurance discount." All licensed driving schools offer this feature. They haven't even claimed that they can teach you how to drive. EXTRA MILE Driving School teaches you how to drive.

2. Pass a driving test

"Drive Test Experts" is their slogan. They take you to a drive test centre and you repeat the road test for 10 hours of in-car instruction. You can pass a road test but you still cannot drive well beyond that. EXTRA MILE Driving School has helped many G2 licensed students from other driving schools learn to drive.

3. Be confident

"Be a confident driver." The instructors emphasize praise. They never tell you that you are doing anything wrong. Do we want poor drivers on the road feeling confident about their driving? EXTRA MILE Driving School has shown dozens of students in this category what they're doing wrong and how to do it right.

4. Avoid collisions

"New drivers have more collisions than experienced drivers." Is it sufficient that avoiding collisions means you are driving well?

For example: A driver leaves a store to go home: He backs up without looking, palms the wheel, disregards pavement markings, stops over the sidewalk, doesn't signal, passes too closely to parked cars without slowing down, changes lanes without warning or shoulder checking, races yellow lights, doesn't stop or look when turning right on a red light, pulls into an up-hill driveway without setting the parking brake, realizes that he didn't turn his headlights on and it is after sunset.

He thinks he's as a good driver as he did not have a collision. Is he? EXTRA MILE Driving School has served a countless number of G1, G2 and G licensed students in this category.

5. Drive well for life

EXTRA MILE Driving School focuses on helping you drive well for life. Avoiding a collision albeit important is only one part of driving well. Confidence is not a primary focus of EXTRA MILE Driving School. It is a by-product, a result of learning how to drive well. If you know how to drive well, you'll easily pass a driving test. You'll be able to impress any examiner at any location. A good number of EXTRA MILE Driving School students have reported passing the Ministry of Transport road tests with perfect marks. And above all of that, as an extra perk, you get a record on your Drivers License History that is recognized by the Ministry of Transport and the Insurance Industry that you have successfully completed our course. Wow! With our emphasis on driving well for life, you actually get it all.

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